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Cement Autoclaves

Cement Autoclaves
* Double wall design, has single chamber for steam  
    and water. 
* Working chamber made of stainless steel LM 304 
    grade of 2 mm thickness.
* Outer cover made of stainless steel 1 mm thick.
* Lid,flange & bottom sheet also made of stainless 
   steel. All joints argon welded.
* Joint less silicon gasket, Heavy duty industrial 
   flange heater.
* Pressure range: 15 to 22 PSI, factory set at 15 PSI.
* Temperature Control: Microprocessor based digital  
   display. (Not included in Economy Model).
* Temperature Sensor: PT - 100.
* Temperature Range: 121 Deg.C to 125 Deg.C.
* Temperature Resolution: 0.1 Deg.C. Temperature  
   Accuracy:+/-0.5 Deg.C.
* Lid fitting pressure gauge 0-30 PSI,safety spring  
    loaded pressure valve, steam release valve.
* Hydraulically tested at 60PSI.
* Foot lifting arrangement included for size  
   18"x 24x & 22"x 30". Not required for lower sizes.
* Electrical: 230V/15A/50 Hz.
* Calibration certificate for pressure gauge provided


Pressure manually maintained by a spring loaded valve,
which blows open to release excess pressure beyond set
value. Supplied without Digital controller.


Temperature automatically maintained by digital
controller, which controls/pressure and temperature
with temperature indication, factory set at 121 Deg.C
(15 PSI),alongwith built in digital timer adjustable
for maintaining sterilization cycle time with auto cut
**Optional Extras /Accessories:

A) Digital High Temp. safety controller cum indiactor  
     which can be set 2 Deg.C above the set temp. for   
     safety purposes and will cut off the heater with  
     audio-visual alarm ensuring temp.within chamber    
     doesn't exceed safety threshold.       

B) Printer interface facility to record data of  
     1 temp. and 1  pressure location within the   
     chamber, can print date, time,temperature when  
     connected to EPSON LX 300 dot matrix printer.   
     (not supplied with printer).   
     (for standard model only)              

C) Printer Interface facility to record data of   
     3 temp.1 pressure location within the chamber  
     can print date, time temperature when connected  
     to EPSON LX 300 Dot Matrix Printer.   
     (Not supplied with printer)  
     (For standard model only)                

    PC interface with software            

D) Basket made of thick SS Wire mesh rods.  

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