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Concrete Core Drilling Machine

Concrete Core Drilling Machine

The Machine is provided with hand operated rapid screw feed through a lever drive with built in
ball bearing. The drill spindle is floating on tapered roller bearings,. Water swivel is totally
enclosed and mounted on the drill spindle.  The drill drive shaft is mounted on two ball
bearings in the drill head. The drill is provided with gear type water pump driven of the drill
by V-belt and designed for 1.25 gallons per minutes, complete with suction and delivery hoses
and with other controls. The drill is mounted on a sub base which is further mounted an trolley.
The trolley is mounted on rubber typred wheels and leveling screws to facilitate easy shifting
and setting. It also have a suitable grip for holding the rock or block of about 300 x 300 x 300
mm in position for taking out cores of the required size. The drill has an end towing
Engine powered models have petrol/kerosene run, air cooled 4 strokes single cylinder engine
developing 3 to 4 HP at 3000 RPM. The drive from engine to drill head is through V belt and
socket speed reducer with a standard reduction 8:1 and totally enclosed in belt guard and
sealed. The engine starts with petrol and later on run on kerosene oil. The engine is with ISI
certification Mark. The Engine Operated Models are fitted a water tank for on site application.
 Depending upon the application and preference of user, in option to Petrol/Kerosene driven
Engines, Diesel powered Engines developing power of 5 or 7 HP can also be supplied at extra

The following accessories are not part of the standard supply and are supplied at an extra cost

-> Diamond impregnated Core Drill Bit of 75 / 100   150 mm dia.with barrel.
-> Surcharge Weights to keep the machine stable and 
    vibration free during  operation.
-> Core Extractor for easy removal of the core sample  
     from the hole.

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