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Constant Temprature Waterbath

Constant Temprature Waterbath
* Excellent control accuracy and uniformity due to its 
   modular and innovative design.
* Stirring achieved by an efficient, continuously 
   rated, self cooling motor with SS shaft and  
   propeller of anti-corrosive material.
* Outer chamber Galvanised Sheet - powder coated or 
   S.S.304 - matt finish
* Inner chamber of S.S.304
* 50mm thick Glasswool insulation
* ISI marked immersion Heater - U shaped
* Temp. Range : Ambient +5 to 90 deg.C
* Accuracy : +/- 0.1 deg.C at 37 deg.C &  
   Uniformity : +/- 0.2 deg.C at 37 deg.C.


Low water level control device to cut off the
current in case water level falls down the
heater level                              

Circulatory Pump to circulate the bath water
to external apparatus like Abbe Refractometer
or Coiled condenser etc.                

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